THREE POEMS – Amit Parmessur

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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Take These Kisses


Take these kisses as gentle as you,

Which might serve as fragrance to the prettiest rose.


Take these kisses sweet

Which might serve as flower to the finest flower,

Whose scent ravishes my whole being.


Take these kisses, and together receive

Inside your breast my heart which has no wings.


It is constant and a thousand cruel wounds

Did not prevent it from preserving its purity.


Words and I differ in one way:

One Sun witnessed the birth and death of words,

A hundred Suns see the birth of my love,


Whose action never stops.

I hope such love as mine, fenced, like a flower,

Might please God, and last longer than our beating hearts.

*          *          *






the dust of childhood


always settles on our                       mind



the ball, never round


during a recess deflated by                        joy



a blackboard speaking in contours and


shapes, racking the eyes’                brains



the red hand in the toilet, from


the dead caretaker’s                         blood



a teacher with twelve fingers –


the School                                          Anemone



singing with the lollipop as           mike!



I crave for joy, smelling the blood


of adulthood



where are you?

*         *         *



The fan of life drove my river

into your melody.




The calm waves shall

never return.

Time is not a river.



Time is a brain fart.



Time is a drunken




It’s like serpents

wriggling in

old abandoned aquariums

to fly away, soon.



The orality of silence

in the dew of roses

is now my time.

Say something.

  1. Kim says:

    “Time is a brain fart.”
    Yes, it is, it is. <3

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