“Billboard” – Devlin

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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In the subway

she flashed before me

right at the turn

of a darkening tunnel.

She may have been a ghost,

perhaps? No, that would be to easy.


I dismissed it.


On the bus

she dashed passed

the corner of my eye

right as the bus

was halting to a stop.

I pushed through the crowd.


She was nowhere to be found.


In a Taxi

she breezed passed me

just as the driver

sped through the yellow turning red.

Her face almost certainly a blur

could be, as the sun was blinding bright.


I put my RayBans back on.


On an early morning stroll

at the nearest of a farthest distance

she turned a sharp corner

prompting me to pace forward my pace.

Then like a mist, then like a fog, then like a ghost

she became unbearably surreal.


Because she smiled down at me from a billboard.

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