THREE POEMS – Justin Hyde

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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first day writing at the hospital cafeteria


he’s so white

it’d be like

fucking a ghost,

comes a female voice

over the line of ferns

separating our booths

as a pasty orderly

walks by

with his tray.


what if he’s got

a big dick?

comes another

female voice.


a ghost

with a big dick

is still

a ghost.


at this point

i’d settle

for a little smokey

on a corpse


i haven’t been

screwed in forever.


dan and i do it

once a week

but he never gets me off

if i wanna get off

i’m on my own


haven’t gotten off with someone

since jolene’s

bachelorette party.


fireman brad?



fireman brad.


too bad

he’s married.


too bad

i’m married.


there’s not enough

good dick

to go around.


two nurses

in luau themed scrubs

stand up.


oh god,

says the first one

seeing me parallel

and slung low

in the booth.


did he hear?

the second one’s

face goes red

she bumps into the

retaining pole

on the way out



upright and humming

in my pants.


i will be

back here


* * *



it’s good

to have your

heart excised


held out

in front of you

by a brown

eyed woman


she plunges

a dagger

straight to the hilt

dropping the

bloody pulp

at your feet.


this is necessary




a periodic pilgrimage

to remind yourself

you are not


* * *

tunnel vision


hush now your riots

and breadlines


burn the constitutions

of the world


let the machinery

break down

into a nexus

of anarchy


vultures alighting

upon the ashes:


my fingers

are inside this woman


feeling her pulse


as i taste her.

  1. abichica says:

    for some reason they all link up, but not really, the first one is hot, the second one is sweet and the last one is the end to the first one.. :-D.. well this is only in my head, but i fully enjoyed them.. :-D

  2. In my opinion I believe Tunnel Vision is the best of the three. . .it could be construed as “finger f*cking America” or. . .I think I better stop here!

    Well done, Justin!

  3. mel says:

    I like tunnel vision best too but i also like the first one and you might know why lol.

  4. C. E. Viard says:

    Sex drenched- and I’m not complaining.

  5. The girl he wrote about says:

    It’s less sexy when you’re the one he wrote the poem about.

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