TWO POEMS – Stephen Jarrell Williams

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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I walk barefoot with a woman

I’ve rubbed into existence.

Our bodies on the beach…
Solitude sun.

She’s whispering in my ear,
running her fingers down my chest.

We’ll go home soon,
but I’m afraid

she’ll disappear… when I fall asleep.

* * *


Keeping separate,
practicing our death speeches to the lonely.

We only talk by phone,
stare of distant eyes.

I miss never having you…
Sharp dreams waking me,
sometimes smiling, but always an ache under the sheet.

I’ve visualized you naked.  I’m quite sure I’ve formed you right…
Slender with long legs and arms
spreading you out beneath me.

You sing softly, kissing my ear, your breath
slipping through my mind, your words packed like poetry,
sway of your body reminding me of a summer sea
we’ll swim someday.


  1. C. E. Viard says:

    “sway of your body reminding me of a summer sea/ we’ll swim someday.”
    I am quite confident that this is one of my favorite lines in recent poems I have read. The ocean is my muse, so your analogous use of the speaks to me in profound ways. Thank you.

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