TWO POEMS – Melanie Browne

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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Alternative History #5

Adolf Hitler was a Beatnick,

A speed Freak,

hung out with

Ginsberg and Burroughs

and that whole poet crowd

shot an

arrow at a prickly pear

that was resting on

Señor  Burroughs head,

‘Be still Mi Bello,’

he whispered,

he missed of course,

The arrow hit


Who had come over for a visit,

Papa survived,

but lost his love for fishing


Old Men Buying Lottery Cards 

They tend to get in

the way a lot,

I use body language

to try and hurry them along,

I need a banana and

some cough drops

for my six year old,

I need  a Diet Dr. Pepper,

old men buying lottery cards

believe slow and steady

wins the


the Mega-Millions,

the Texas Two-Step,

at some point

while waiting,

I die of boredom

& look down on my

body from above,

I am still in line,

arms crossed,

while tapping one


the old men buying

Lottery cards

one step closer

to a shiny

new Ford Pick-up

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