TWO POEMS – David S. Pointer

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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The briefing sergeant

said that the same sex

sexual harassment case

turned into a blanket party

where the overly affectionate

perp morphed into a blood

soaked bed sheet transferred

to some remote outpost

able to rethink the deeper

meaning of his rank and

the men mostly serving

honorably under him, as

the previously innocent

victim started taking on

questioning comments

about his sexuality until

he took a .45 sending

arterial fluid airborne

into some mechanized

military love story




This wax fang wonderland

for orphans was a secret

custody candy factory where

the contents of a wrapper

worked better than correctional

officers at keeping employees

in place, and some of the kids

developed big disaster bag

bellies until one imploded into

heart failure and they disappeared

in the submersion table chocolate

bubbles through a cooling tunnel

like empty cavity artwork into a

post nine-elevenized nation where

monsters bob for the Adams apples

of bad weather brown candy makers

  1. abichica says:

    This is sultry, beautiful.. i love your mixture of the two poems.. :-)

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