ONE FLASH – Devlin De La Chapa

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Fiction, Flash
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MIDNIGHT IN THE DIVE OF BOOZE AND ICONIC REGRET.  .  .or, that infamous Boulevard of Broken Dreams portrait


The bartender had seen them all. They’d come and go and return by the dozens. Souls of the would-be-talented embossed in portraits interlinked within vivid waterless colors. Exposed. Laid out to rest before their time. Some ordering breakfast with vodka, others, lunch with sex, many, dinner with pills to balance out the swing of moods from drying out, selling out, falling out, fading out from beneath a false spotlight yet to shine on those already blinded by the bright lights of those already shining.


It’s almost midnight in the dive of booze and iconic regret when a sultry woman named Marilyn takes her usual seat. Orders her usual drink. Carries on her usual conversation in her usual red and white glamour with a local barfly named Humphrey who was as dapper as a gentleman could be, on how her body was being praised more than her talent.


‘If I become famous,’ Marilyn swoons to Humphrey through a drunken stupor, ‘I’m going to sing our President his birthday song’.


Humphrey smiles, drags his cigar and tips his drink at Marilyn. ‘Trust me, Marilyn, sweetheart, if you become famous, this here, between you and I, will be the start of a beautiful friendship’.


The glass door staring out onto the boulevard barely swings open, introducing the new age of troubled youths starting with James, a hauntingly and beautifully and distressed and visibly unimpressed youth with life not yet served. He takes his seat opposite Humphrey and Marilyn whom he considers suspicious lovers drinking conspicuously instead of individually, as he. He looks at the bartender, the blemish badge reads “Elvis” who in turn stares at James with the same complication in his eyes. Each observing secretly how they were a compatible match for hungered fame.


‘I feel like a pre-pubescent actor,’ James muses to Elvis, ‘you know-like a rebel without a cause ‘cause I can’t seem to find someone who’s willing to take a chance on me?’


Elvis nods and wipes away invisible rings of glass sweat off the mahogany island slab. ‘If I don’t get this here record deal with Sam Philips underway soon, I don’t think I can spend another night at that Heartbreak Hotel’.


The clock ticks past midnight. Humphrey takes another drink of his drink and gently settles in back onto the slab. He doesn’t release the glass from his grasp. Elvis observes Humphrey’s actions as no more than a call to comfort of a gentleman slowly diminishing further to his grave. But Marilyn, however, Elvis deliberates, is Humphrey’s complete opposite in that sense, since she can’t seem to pull herself from Humphrey no matter how much the dapper tries to appear depressed. And Elvis too observes Marilyn’s actions of a lonely woman in need of more than casual conversation and drinks. As for James, Elvis could only manage his profile as he’s lost on the glass being raised by Humphrey. Marilyn, James and Elvis stare at him. ‘Drink up, pals. The last coat of paint is being stroked across our lives. Cheers!’


  1. Jackie Holiday says:

    Okay, Devi, now this one. . .all I can say is “Wow”. I’ll never look at this picture the same way ever again. And not that you changed it, you just made it more interesting.

  2. S.P. Raine says:

    Ok, I have to comment on this one. I have one of these pics on my wall, and I love it. Thx , Devlin for your take on it. Good Job!!!!

  3. Ed Wallace says:

    hi devlin been following your work and your site. i like this one. great job. oh and boyslut makes me want to pull down my pants.

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