THREE POEMS – Mike Meraz

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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I loved  
to watch  
her sleep.  

I’d tip-toe  
around the room  
in the half-dark  
not wanting  
to wake her.  

she worked hard,  
sat around,  
watched TV,  
did nothing. 

but I loved  
to watch  
her sleep.  

how beautiful  
she was,  
so gentle,  
so docile,  
in her satin gown.  

my wife,  
my cat,  
my love… 

I loved  
to watch  
her sleep.  

then she’d wake up  
and yell at me.  



up and alone 
at midnight 
my back 
towards the floor 
my eyes 
fixed on darkness 
recalling dreams 
of murder 
of torture 
and bliss. 
this night will end 
I swing my legs 
to the floor 
I get up 
and light a cigarette 
for an instant 
the flame 
lights up the room 
then is gone 
just like my life 
my soul 
and everyone 
I have ever loved.


I am sure you have seen it before, 
a man and a woman embracing 
and it seems the woman does not want to let go. 
I never understood this, 
this woman holding onto this man so tight 
like he is the only thing left 
keeping her alive. 
it is sad, I think, how she loves him so much. 
he might break her heart, or worse, 
string her along for convenience. 
whenever I see a sight like this I feel sad, 
because it is always bad 
when we allow a human being 
to become our only source 
of happiness.

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