TWO POEMS – Devlin De La Chapa

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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It’s a quarter to 8

at the school’s assigned bus stop

in a gang related neighborhood

infested with

the brilliance of scums.

At the center of this magical universe

are the next generation of brilliance

who will succumb to innocence lost


And while I’m trying to ingest the inevitable

I find that I’m having a hard time

grasping the concept of black socks

in today’s kids, yet

I don’t have a problem

grasping the concept of crackheads

always sticking their heads, peering

through the cracks of ex-boarded up

crack houses

Pointing, I turn to my stupid better half:

“You see, that’s why they’re called crackheads!”

screw coffee

I’m in desperate need of a diet cherry coke



Around town, they rolled

in a big black SUV

pimped out in 26” Wheels

and a Glock, cocked loaded on the dash

at 10 she riled in her seat

riding shotgun in his ride

her beautiful world

spinning in her head

uniforms, innocence, girl scouts

homework undone for goodtime fun

she glanced at her watch

animated frogs blowing bubbles

jacking people for drugs and cash

it was his hundredth time, she knew

a hundred and one, bubbles blew,

3 minutes passed at 15 minutes till bed

9 with a Glock 9 now resting beneath her Barbie pillow;

a book report is due tomorrow


  1. john dervishian says:

    Those are great!!!

  2. Thx, John. I haven’t forgotten about you.


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