THREE POEMS – Brian Le Lay

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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if steve jobs really changed the world, then why haven’t we changed with it?

how does this ipod touch
make my ass look?

does this hair-thin laptop
make you want
to have babies with me,

propose, and get married
on the beach of an island
whose name
we can’t pronounce?

head of the company addressing the workman’s wife at funeral

listen, lady, i told him
“i see it in yr eyes
don’t you choke to death
on company time,
clean out yr locker,
collect your final check
and go home,”

when he wouldn’t stop heaving
i said “well i hope
you don’t expect to be paid
for these selfish seconds
spent gasping air
on the company’s dime.”

“you were too truthful”

    the autopsied body
wrapped in wet newspaper

    laid beneath a black sheet
only to be seen again
    by the flesh fly’s

the doctors have been paid
in hot-tubs and stethoscopes

to write–suicide–
as the official cause
of death

the journalists
have been paid
in fountain pens,
celebrity drug addictions,
patriotic wars
and predetermined

fodder for forgetting
your death–

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