THREE POEMS – G A Anderson

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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the thing

the seed
between his legs
lay dormant
like the words
in his head.

when he awoke
in the remnants of a dream-
hope with its head torn off
the stump of its wailing mouth
like nerve-endings twitching.

when he wrote
his head-wheel would wobble
speed. stain. billy goat rattle.
the paint on the wall blistering
the cheated thing he had to express
soon clipped short like toenails of cloud.

he thought about typing out one last line
about his oddball brooding desire
to shift
to move his seeds
to resurrect long dead corpses.


Upon reading Carafy for the first time

Shall I hold myself back again?
Keep my hands & cock off your breasts?
Shall I fuck you again & again like fodder?
Like a steaming piece of shit?

Or shall I hold you in my arms
& lie about how much I love you?


An Unsolicited Email

I receive another unsolicited email:

‘Hello, how are you? I read your poems on Wrinkled Goolies (Strap-On Edition) & I cherish your work. You are charming in my eyes. I wish you will be my love. I think I am right to expirrence my feelings.’

Can’t spell. Lapses in syntax. False sentiment.

Probably Chinese or Russian Mafia.

Dealing in drugs, illegal weapons, prostitution, fraud…

I don’t dare to click on the link, but I’m curious:

‘Thanks for the offer mam
But I don’t answer spam.’

Later that afternoon a reply follows:
‘I love you long time, baby.’

Did you borrow that line from ‘Platoon’?

She doesn’t get the cultural reference.
The ironic dig.


She flies to Old Montreal to meet me
she is gangly with red spray on hair
duty free grog. about 25
probably worth another poem or 2.

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