ONE POEM – John Dervishian

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Fiction, Poetry
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in the psychaitrist waiting room

the place is furnished
with red velvet couches
magazines of every sort
and many plants
to create a soothing

but as usual
my psychiatrist is late
he consistently
arrives 1/2 hour
to an hour late

im on medication
for anxiety
and he creates
anxiety for me

i’m sitting
with this broad
who is also
waiting for him

i watch her as
she strips a page
from a magazine
she explains that
it is a recipe for a
fruit arrangement
i tell her

” i don’t care”

i learn that she
is getting a second job
to supplement her
full time job
as she is behind
on bills

she plays bass guitar
sings in a band
likes tattoos
has earned $104
in royalties from
a song that
Steven Van Zandt
played on his radio show

she used $100
to give to her landlord

“$100 is better than nothing ”
she says

she owns rats
and hedgehogs
she complains
that the hedgehogs
were sweet as babies
but now have attitudes
and try to bite her

“really, i would have thought
they would make great pets”

i then suggest

“maybe get rid of
the rats and hedgehogs
and you might have
more cash”

she continues to
reveal that she has
a strained relationship
with her mother
that her therapist
recently set her free
and that she has only
had a few minor
breakdowns since

she ran out of meds
and is here to get samples
as money is tight

the psychiatrist arrives
and hands her a
brown paper bag
i hand her my
book mark

she extends an invite
to the bar
i wave her off
walk upstairs
and tell the

“I’m fine now”


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