TWO POEMS – Michael Ashley

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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he woke up

in the cold arc

of another man


a haze

above his head

whiskey tinged


perfumed regrets

kiss lips

that screamed


the words


I’ve fucked

another random.



he wakes

in the cool

& familiar curve

of the one


the one

who dared

to tame him


who tied him down

restrained him


the one

who built the walls

& forced him

to endure


the same

the same

the same






he’ll wake up

alone —


eyes in the ceiling

scrutinizing details


only to conclude


the space between

a man and mattress

is almost always cold


& familiarity

is no conductor





the same floral print dress


sat in

the same pew



the same tuneless hymns



the same prayers



the same clammy hand


beneath the door of the church,

and yet despite her habitual faith

God blighted her with lung cancer


three weeks from diagnosis

to furnace


as I look upon the empty pew

and smell the same stale air


I can’t help but think

that I really should give up



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