THREE POEMS – Linda M. Crate

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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behind the hatred
there was love in
their eyes, but they
didn’t believe it —
because believing
us meant they never
would; they wished
death upon us with
their unsaid words —
they spoke more
volumes than the
longest book known
to mankind; they
spoke with more
severity than the old
testament and sprawled
their spines before us
showily like a Pharisee —
I didn’t know whether
to laugh or cry so I did both —
it doesn’t matter what they
think, we know we’re true
and that’s all that matters.
– linda m. crate
her moon
out in, out in, out in
breathing him in was the
only thing that kept her
sane — breathing in
the nicotine that laced
his breath — out in, out
in, out in she just had
to convince herself it was
worth it; each day she
felt as if she were slipping
out of her own skin, she
looked at her reflection in
the mirror — she didn’t
recognize the woman staring
back at her; it was not her,
out in and out in and out in
taking in the scent of her
beloved was the only
thing that was worth meaning —
she lost her reason and her
worth in the silver sheen of
his words glittering brighter
than moon dust upon dew.
– linda m. crate
forbidden fruit
he touched her heart
just by smiling at her
she always savored
each piece of him she
was given; she sewed
it into the fabric of her
life, though, she knew
she could never have
him; he was not hers to
hold in her embrace —
so she’d hold him in her
chest of lust, never to be
unlocked; he was that
forbidden fruit, but his
Eve had cottoned on to
her so all she could do
was watch him and pretend
that he loved her back, too.
– linda m. crate
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