THREE POEMS – Valentina Cano

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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A Ballroom Scene

You saw a woman

with a nest of spiders in her eyes,

each knitting away a future

that would not come to pass.

Yes, she was a lovely chandelier,

dangling from a few phrases,

flinging light out to the tiles.

But she was just glass.


A reflective surface

as hollow as an echo.

-Valentina Cano

Some Kind of Orpheus

Leaving you behind

has become the only option.

And no option at all.

I’ve dug into the underworld itself

for the key that would spring

that lock of memory open,

but it’s lost,

drowned metal in that long,

black river

you’ve ripped open between us.

-Valentina Cano

The Woman at the Station

She trusted herself like a chain

would trust a squeaky link,

with a heavy dose

of glittering cynicism.

One second of a turned eye

and it would all topple down,

slinking away like snake shed.

She listened to her voice

with knitting needles in her hands,

drawing them up and down

in a net of mistrust.

-Valentina Cano

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