TWO POEMS – Ian Paone

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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First off
Let me state what’s obvious to see


When this little temptress came to me

Lacking something needed from her clueless main

Searching for pleasure in her torturing pain




Rebellious to say the least

She gladly takes advantage of her extra long leash

Hates wasting time

Excitement a must!

Yesterday a drop of semen

Tomorrow a pile of dust


Scent of green and youthful trouble

That stare

I’m drunk

Forced to see double

What happens next

Ever so fine

Stripping her clothes as Kiedis strips her mind


Heads on fire

Matching her soul

She embraces me so she won’t feel cold

Looking up at me

Stunning breath taker

I cannot fall for this little heartbreaker


Pain is what came but relief walked out the door

Both of us knew there wouldn’t be more

As for the one who knew nothing at all?

Mum’s the word

She knows how hard he’ll fall

Would say she’s sorry

Trying to mend

But even she knows it’s just a four-letter word

With a “why” at the end


The Validity Effect

Does anyone hear that broken record playing in the background?

I can’t anymore

Doesn’t even enter one ear to come out the other

Auto-tune securely in the off position


I can see your blowhole from here

No sounds escaping

But your dry, cracked lips tell all

Making the same shapes over and over until we all dissolve


I see nothing of substance, colourful turds at best

Each more shiny than the last

They brighten up our lives

At least that’s what they keep repeating

What they keep repeating

What they keep repeating


Making slaves out of us all

The welcomed daily whippings of obedience

From the cruelest of master’s

Assuring we all act our best

The Validity Effect


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