ONE POEM – Richard Shiers

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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If Only She Was Real
By Richard Shiers

Eyeliner surrounds azure-ice eyes
Set in babies skin
Along with tantalizing, wet lips
Black and purple hair relaxes on top, not worrying about the world
It leads down to her shoulders and oil-arms
Her hill-side breasts protrude through her shirt, waiting for release
Attached, is her flat stomach and a glass piercing that screams for female attention
Her thighs ache for a caress from loving hands, preferably a woman’s
The loving hands would lead to her tight crotch that is lightly furred and suffers from loneliness
Intricate fish-nets kiss her legs like lovers met through fate.
They rise up towards her buttocks that practically push her skirt up revealing lonely vagina
Her buttocks lead to her to heart tattoo above her ankle, showing her lack of love
Finishing off the sculpture are feet placed gently in high heels that ask sweetly to be put around someone’s shoulders.

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