POEM SERIES – Regina Green

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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from everyone’s top ten list

your left arm cradles a secret
strange machine how you think
too hard and too long
lay down
it was the summer
it was me and you in a car
it was your lips suddenly!
when i say i love you
you look as if i’ve punched you
or someone else has been
punching you and it stopped
all of a sudden when i
said i love you


proof that you are beautiful:
a tiny boat on an open ocean- that is you.
your chest rising
simply rising
i want to call you babe or
baby and then atomic, wow!
you become atomic!
we may have our own stories
yours always have snow in them.


you are not a conquistador
you leave bits of you, a few teeth
a lovely rib, your channeled fist full
here for me to find
set out for breakfast as if
salty and blond were
on the menu
you crack like an egg at my
wordiness and
you get taller my god taller!
beautiful is talkative
you can’t shut up
i make you


you are nervous when trying
something new for the first time

your honey-skin parades up and
down shiny and very convincing

your endurance for falling in love is
vast and unexplored at this moment

the rest of you
thinks one small revolution on

the streets is enough
you make everyone’s top ten list

but you can be very loud
i know because in

the morning there was a note on
my door

your mouth is full of motivation!


you stopped eating
you were seriously in love
you were recognizable because
you were blond
and tall
you shook like a tree the
first time
we kissed
it was daylight or maybe not
i wanted to write you a
letter right then
dear boy
it will be alright
everything will be alright

  1. Beth says:

    Never disappointing Regina! :) Great work!

  2. Monika says:

    I love your poetry.

  3. Marie says:

    Wow! Very beautiful! So nice to see more of your work!!

  4. At first, I must admit I found myself displeased with this series. It seems it hit me at around the second section that this was a story told for the beauty of love, and that it was best to take it as-is rather than employ my usual methods of deduction. Well done, I enjoy this lighthouse -if you will pardon the cliche- in a sea of sad poems.

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