TWO POEMS – Ben Nardolilli

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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Insane, the in-house publicist

Has taken to diagnosing me

Unfit to go out and market

Myself and my latest novel,

Claiming neither are ready yet,

But both are as made as my bed,

The doors are blocked

And the windows have bars,

She calls them teeth and claims

They broadcast my condition

Without bringing the media

Into the middle of my mess,

I try and figure out a way

To dig into the ground and tunnel,

Engineering exploits will prove

My sanity or else give me

The instant freedom of a fugitive.



Don’t tell me the monsters are dead,

Don’t end the stories with tales

Of how they are each conquered,

Then killed by some distant hero.


I need a few monsters to stick around,

Terrible creatures still roaming,

It helps to forget the bigger power, death

Hovering over them but me as well.

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