ONE POEM, TWO FLASHES – Devlin De La Chapa

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Fiction, Flash, Poetry
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Originally Published in CatFishGringoRiver


The girl opened herself to bleed. The crystal ball had told her to. The madam charged her for it. Then the girl left. A man on the sidewalk was giving out free tattoos. She sat on the tattered stool. The sterile infected device pierced her skin. “Tainted” was forged in a Chinese scripture beneath her right shoulder. The girl got up and staggered away. A trail of blood followed her. Her periods were bad. They made her do stupid things. She swore rats were following her. She popped a green little pill in many of the alleys and chased it with a passed out drunk’s beer. Then the girl wandered to a nearby galleria and laughed at a painting depicting a girl lost in a big city.



The fortune cookie read:
‘If you screw it, they will come’
I shrugged my shoulders
and shoved the hard wafer
into my mouth and headed south

toward the bathroom
at the back of the dingy Chinese dive.
My watch beeped,
I heard sheep bah-bahing
from within the kitchen

I explored, peeping through
the tiny cracks in the doors.
She was pinned over
the stainless steel slab,
the butcher beating her to perfection

then I had a faint recollection
back in Bangkok two days
and ten years back
she talking a whole lotta smack
while men smacked her around

I frowned, and stepped away
from the door and into the stall.
I took a hard piss, zipped my fly,
the butcher casually walked in
to wash the thrashes from his hands.

He looked at me, I looked at him
the butcher grinned his toothless grin,
my skin pricked, his dick was sick
his food sucked undercooked stale
just like the fortunes in his cookies.



The boss. The drug lord. The drug dealer. The dope runner. The drug pusher. The bagman. The hit-man. The assassin. The fuck up. The innocent bystander. The lover. The mistress. The wife. The children. Guns drawn. A really big shoot out. Everyone dies. Silence. Blood is flowing. Flies buzz around. The bullet riddled piñata donkey hangs by a swinging limb. Candy is scattered everywhere. The Federales bullshit about the massacre and help themselves to cake and ice cream.


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