TWO POEMS, ONE FLASH – Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Fiction, Flash, Poetry
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Full of echoes,
this house
makes me feel
as if I was
hearing voices.

The chairs squeak,
the floors
too, and every
step I take
my ears burst.

It is hard to
sleep when
you’re all alone,
but in your mind
you’re not.


I worked as a neck breaker. However, I was never paid much. You see, I was self-employed. The only time I saw a dime was when I was a pickpocket or when I panhandled near the Cathedral in Los Angeles. My hands were smooth when I broke necks. I used baby oil and talcum powder. Now my hands are rough and dirty. I became a rock tosser. I was pretty good at that too until I got arrested. Jail scared me straight. I met other neck breakers there. Lucky for me I was transferred to a county hospital away from the professional neck breakers. I think I want to be a doctor. They have snazzy shoes and get paid lots of money. I could buy all the baby lotion and talcum powder I want if I was a doctor. Eventually, I would go back to my passion, breaking necks. I read this Michaux guy in prison. He liked beating people up. I like that concept. I would like to do that too as long as there would not be too much resistance. I have a low tolerance for pain. Maybe I’ll just get me a gun.


I often wonder
what other patients
hallucinate about.
I wonder if they
see and hear the same
things I hear and see.

Ever since I was
stung by a scorpion
in my ear I have
been hearing voices
that won’t let me sleep

or think correctly.

When I took a knife
to the curtains and
tore them to pieces
I thought I was a
killer who could just
kill inanimate objects.

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