THREE POEMS – A.J. Huffman

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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The Dark-Shelled Flowers of Thought
I’m tired.
And I don’t care what color the sky is.
It doesn’t remember my mind.
Or the shape it left when it passed.
Too bad really.
The corners are jewels.
Dripping dew —
like spiders —
from its pain.
And the music.
Too hollow to be real.
Echoes endlessly
through scarred tunnels.
For anything but sleep

Dancing on Razor Blades
I prick my finger.
And spill your name.
So beautiful.
It belongs.
In a scream.
But my lips are tired.
Of following the drain.
The curve of the letters
is too steep.
I stumble.
And fall.
Into and beyond
the blackening wall.
Of forget.

Hateful and Alone

I look in the mirror.

And I see two me’s.

Both different.

And afraid of the same.

So I choose

to see the spaces

reflected in between.

They are empty.

And safe.

Shining as a face.


That is what I long to be.

The blankness

that is beauty.

So perfect

                  ly still.

An etching of everything.


And, of course, understood.

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