THREE POEMS – Linda M. Crate

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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the power of words
words only live when
you utter them, and use
them in a way that others
can believe – otherwise
they simply swim in your
mind as shapeless voids;
they can give life or bring
forth destruction, you always
choose the latter just to
spite me methinks; you’ve
always enjoyed poisoning
my apples and summoning the
burgeoning blossoms of my
tears for your sordid amusement.
– linda m. crate

You light my fires with poorly
constructed words, your tactless
nature abounds in the best of times —
you accuse me of heinous things
yet have no prove with which to
hang me; so go ahead and light my
fire, I’ll set your forest ablaze and
I’ll watch your trees of lies tumble
down and down and down and laugh.
– linda m. crate

your love
you tangle me in metaphors, you spill me into
allusions, you lose me between the euphuisms
sailing high above my head on the wings of the
frisbee, I’ll never catch it to save my life; you
lilt to me the most beautiful songs I’ve ever
heard in missives of apple orchards and yellow
daffodils, you give me an inch so I take a mile —
you paint me in the citrine and scarlet of lilies;
I pirouette on prisms of moon silver a ballerina
(albeit a clumsy one) as I nearly fall on my face
by tripping over dew, you take my hand and look
into my eyes utter lantern stars to break opaque
night’s charm over me, and press your rosemary
lips against mine like the ocean slams upon rocks.
– linda m. crate

  1. Wonderful reading here! I particularly like the way “tactless” and “your love” show opposite sides, but still work well together.

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