TWO POEMS – Doug Draime

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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Being Fired From The Sheet Metal Shop By An Ex Lover

Hammering the tin flat,
I could feel her eyes
watching, traveling up
and down my body,
from the office overlooking
the machines.

She walked down the stairs
into the work area
with my check in her beautiful hand.
Her thick black hair shinny
and pulled back
tightly into a bun.

The sheet of tin held
snug in the automatic vise,
I continued to hammer.
But then I felt her closer,
smelling the Tabu she wore,
feeling the heat of her body.

I looked up wiping
my brow.
Her cold, dark eyes slamming
into my mine:
“We’re gonna have to let you go”
I pointed down at my gym bag
“I took my stuff outta my locker this morning,
I figured this was coming”

She didn’t say a word, just handed me
my check, turned and walked away
in her tight white mini skirt.
As she walked back up the wooden stairs
a couple of guys on the other machines,
grabbed their crotches,
one stuck his tongue out intimating


There is no way
in the world to
settle with it,
no tight rational
explanation to
satisfy all that
ignorant, and dead

The fact
is, dice have a
ratios, only in
relation to where
and how they’re
being thrown.

Even If they’re thrown
hard, and against
iron clad walls
for half a century..

It’s then you see
the crushing odds,
and you know
you have
beaten them.
somehow. You know
with the certainty
of your continued

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