ONE POEM – Devlin De La Chapa

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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Fade to Black
It’s midafternoon,
Metallica steals the air,
somewhere within this room,
love begins to bloom

My bra unclasps
panties ride down my hips
my legs depart, like art
in an open gallery of your lips

You then smile, I then stare
your eyes cast a glow
upon my barely there hair just
above my diamond-cut window

Tulips have blossomed
into a ripened perfection;
I am nervous at your touch,
my body begins to blush

as your fingers part my petals
delicately fragrant sweet, your mouth settles
in between those forbidden folds
my body tenses, hot juices flow

Oral love begins with a kiss
that deepens into a stroke
my senses stumble and fumble
my eyes begin to cloak

Strawberry nipples
stand to an erection
I glimpse a reflection
of your uncanny perfection:

the way your hands
caress the inner of my thighs
the way your fingers
slip through and probe my insides
the way your tongue
flickers up and dives down

It’s obvious. . .

I can’t hide the pleasure
of your three inch thrusts;
I can’t deny the honor
of you devouring my lust

Sexing your tongue,
I descend into your mouth,
slithering under,
can you feel that orgasmic thunder?

My thighs clench,
my vaginal walls quake,
my orgasms grow seismic,
can you feel my body shake?

Don’t stop, I whisper,
I am breathless
Don’t stop, I beg,
I am restless

You’re hitting the spot,
my body moans
Yes, that spot,
my g-spot groans

Oh, don’t stop,
I shudder and crack
Oh, don’t stop,
I fade to black


  1. Romantic Dominant says:

    A delight.

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