TWO POEMS – Linda M. Crate

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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protect and serve
yes, go ahead and mace the face
of a former poet laureate, and go
attack innocent protesting girls in
New York by singeing out their
eyes; because no one can trump
your authority, let’s all act like
a bunch of bigots because we
have a badge and carry a gun,
and have the power to spray
people in the face or club them
whenever I damn well please;
let’s just trample on people’s
rights because we’re above them,
let’s punish the innocent because
the guilty, violent offenders are
just too hard to catch, let’s put no
effort into arresting the people that
deserve it, let’s just violate rights.
– linda m. crate


protect the environment
I remember days of peace and tranquility,
the world was calm and I could live without
the worry of someone breaking through my
house at night, hurting someone in my family;
the worst thing that happened here was a jar
of honey came flying through the glass, but
that was something waking up to all that
syrup coating the floor like a cold clogging
the air ways of a throat; I remember when I
used to climb trees and hold conference with
them, but now the corporate greed wants to
cut down my friends just to make money —
forgetting that it’s from nature’s bosom we
were all nurtured, and she can cast a plague
like the black death upon us all if we don’t
protect her and treat her as we truly should.
– linda m. crate

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