ONE POEM – Corey Cook

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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I wake at 6:00 am. Walk out the door at 7:15. Immediately
after my wife hands off a bagged lunch and straightens my tie.
Arrive at the park and ride at 7:30. Catch 7:35 shuttle. Sit
behind the man with slicked back brown hair. Who drinks

coffee from a Mason Jar. Who has no wedding band. Enter
the hospital at 7:55. Sit before my keyboard and screen until

10:15. Retreat to restroom. Stand at the mirror and think of Caleb.
Mischievous. Tan. Contagious smile. White teeth. Think
of that day your junior year of high school. After a soccer game.
Locker room. Just the two of you. Caleb slipped out of his shorts

and into the shower. Peeked around the corner and asked, “Do
you want to join me?” His eyes wide and welcoming. Return

to my desk at 10:30. Eat lunch at 1:30 pm. Clock back in at 2:30.
Chat with Dr. Wilkes as he returns from clinic at 4:30. Tall
and handsome. Charming and witty. Smelling faintly of cologne.
Shut computer down at 5:00. Catch 5:05 shuttle. Scan the sidewalks

for the shirt-less jogger. Torso toned and sleek. Arrive at park
and ride at 5:25. Pull into garage at 5:40. Eat dinner at 6:00. Read

three books to my daughter at 7:30. Watch television in bed
from 8:00 to 10:00. Pretend I am sleeping when my wife whispers,
“Are you sleeping?” at 10:10. Pretend I am sleeping when she nudges
me at 10:15. Pretend I am sleeping at 10:20 when she rolls over. Sighs.

  1. Sadly, that is exactly what some people choose: to live life in denial. Very effective poem!

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