FOUR POEMS – Linda M. Crate

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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take me away
a hard day at work
exhaustion pumping through
my wearied veins;
all I want is you inside me
together lets forget the
stain of today,
and pretend it doesn’t
exist sleeping away my
sorrow isn’t good enough
anymore – I want only to
remember the way the light
dances in your eyes;
I want only to dream of
your caress when sleep
finally overtakes me.
– linda m. crate

the new girl
the men keep their distance
and so do the women; I
cannot penetrate the deep wall
of indifference enveloping me –
I am but mere shadow and
vapor to the seasoned workers,
an omen of the darkest death
to cut through their light.
– linda m. crate

snake charmer
without you here
the night seems to
tick by more slowly –
moments last four times
longer than they should;
I feel empty all
my insides were poured
out for the world
to dine on, but somehow
when you’re here they
know to remain in
place as if you’re
the snake charmer
of my ever pounding heart.
– linda m. crate

romantic interlude
butterflies kissing
in the afternoon sun
wing their way to a village
of white spring blossoms –
they take their interlude
of love to some secluded place
like people do as if we’re
ashamed that we’re mere vapors
borrowing their glances from
the dust of stars we’ll return to.
– linda m. crate

  1. abichica says:

    woooww ooh wooww!!!! :-)

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