THREE POEMS – Ali Znaidi

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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Waste/ Lost/ Wreckage

“You live so far away.
What a waste!” He said.

Eye to eye.
Magical mesmerizing
bedroom eyes.

Ship firmly was sailing
the sea before opening the cam.
After seeing the eyes,
broken masts,
holes, .
water leaked—
total wreckage.

If The Rose Could Speak

“The immortality of Flowers must enrich our own,
and we certainly should resent a Redemption that
excluded them—“ Emily Dickinson

If it could speak,
the rose might say,
“Why do you pluck me?
Why don’t you let me
welcome another day?
Why do you cage me
in a vase,
or offer me to
your lass?”

If it could speak,
the rose might tell,
“Give me my freedom again—
otherwise you’ll be rotting in hell!”

The white Nightgown

Oh, darling! I think you
don’t miss me tonight.
So I decide to come to you.
I know you are lying on the sofa right now;
smoking your cigarettes
and sipping your red wine.
I remember all that.
So tonight I love to make you happy.
“So much depends
upon” red wine poured in my skull;
to pass smoothly into your mouth.
I love to cling to your body
and envelope you in my white nightgown
that you used to love it.
I love to make you inhale the macabre scent,
till you glide into sleep.
Oh, darling! I want to train you
for death.

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