TWO POEMS – Devlin De La Chapa

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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Musings of a Writer, Blocked

I’m not as intelligent as I used to be

somewhere, somehow, my brain
fell off the grid of post-independence,
now I’m influenced by the vast roaches
inhibiting my fortress of proverbial pain,
though they call to me, whisper my name
their shame becomes all of what I used to be;

the Marigolds no longer bloom on my plantation
they too have become all but a crying out sustenance,
not for water, but for company, companionship,
someone with the greenest thumb to stroke their
whimsical little petals now weltering beneath
the cosmic forces that bind us not as one but as three;

to re-seed another whole new life, I must twist the
dead Marigolds until their necks break, and when those
tiny seeds invisibly bleed out, I am reminded
that now would be a valid time to remember what I have forgotten-
in the soil I watch as those vast roaches clamber beneath me,
soiling those precious anthropoid seeds with their scum scavenger cum;

still, I’m not as intelligent as I used to be but I’m writing again

Zeppelin. . .and it makes me wonder

“There’s a feeling I get
when I look to the west. . .”

and all that remains in today’s present
is now but a stain in yesterday’s past
and it makes me wonder
what would become of Rock n’ Roll
after it’s been outdated and old
then sold to the golden of silence?
what would become of sex
when it is no longer casual
but sexist and protested?
what would become of drugs
when it’s been diluted and polluted
no longer useful or purposeful?
and it makes me wonder-makes me wonder
what would become of my stairway to heaven
if it all crumbled under?

Maybe if I look to the west
it will all come back to me


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