TWO POEMS – Emily Ramser

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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Period Pants.

I had these Smurf PJ-pants
fuzzy, black, white and blue
then I started leaking
turning those white hats pink.

those pants left, they stuck their
blue thumbs out, vagabond forest
creatures catching a ride on
the garbage truck

now I’m alone, my little blue men gone,
and stark naked, goose-flesh and pimples
waiting for the shower to turn on
and wash away this blood and innards.

This furry I met.

a coyote,
no a coyote-man
one inside the body of a yote
at one with that which is unknown
for he himself is one unknown

confused children of the moon?
He, himself, shares your
for he knows naught
what is known

the things he says, spill out
in loops and giggles,
winding ways around his tongue
saying words
tainted with alcohol
dripping out
and down his

howling at the moon,
wait wolves howl, as in
his “mate” of the moment,
howling words of alcohol
slipping down his

say hello to him, friends
as he slips his words,
fumbling for an adjective
or a noun with which to call
the things he wishes to speak of

say goodbye to him, friends
as he falls
slipping down, his words of

  1. abichica says:

    i dont know what to say, you never have a bad poem to post huh.?? :-).. nicely written once again.. :-D

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