FOUR POEMS – Linda M. Crate

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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summer’s kiss
red leaves dance in the wind
the stained blood of autumn
rolling down her barky legs
a symbol of her innocence lost
by the passionate balm of summer’s
kiss; you fall over me in waves
of her golden reflection chasing
away every lily singing day of fall
that I once knew life my own palm.
– linda m. crate

reality is cruel
dandelion fluff caught in a spider web
the death of a dream snuffed out by
hands of fate that could not be diminished
no matter how tyrannical their reign is –
I wish I could break all the injustices
of the world and make them fair to any
who have tasted an unfair rain to wash
them further into the debt of despair or
anger, but reality is a cruel hearted mistress
that screws everyone over as much as she can
just because no one can stop her from doing so;
one day I hope to vanquish this beast and
make her pay for every wrong she’s made us taste.
– linda m. crate

the ocean’s bride
I was once married to the ocean,
it’s why he tries to pull me closer with each
and every breath; he laps at my heels
trying to remind me that once I was his as if
I need reminding that once his salt poured
into my every wound and burned with his words
sometimes kind yet mostly cruel, it was a
sweet relief when one day he dashed me into his
rocks and I eroded away into sea salt –
he proposed to me again I had the sense to say no,
I would not make the same mistake twice
no matter how charming his eyes be.
– linda m. crate

poetry sucks
poety sucks
when it’s a private joke
between two indiscernible to
anyone else;
when nothing is to be gleaned but
the spleen of someone else’s
amusement the fondness can only be dim
a candle that’s lost its light
or a memory that’s lost its life.
– linda m. crate

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