ONE POEM/ONE FLASH – Jessica Gleason

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Fiction, Flash, Poetry
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Female Chauvinist Pig

You sneer,
call me female,
like that is a bad

Those feminists,
the ones with the low hanging–
pancake breasts, they sneer

Because I shoved
my hard-earned dollar
into that stripper’s sweaty
ass crack,
and gave it a little
slap. Just for
good measure.

I am not a gilded-lily,
I’ll scratch what I want, when
I want–that includes
your back, deep raking
scratches in heated
moments of nudity.
Then, I’ll ask you to
leave. John, or Joe,
whatever your name
happenes to be.


Guest Milk
The liquid looked fuzzy if not a bit lumpy, sitting in the plastic gallon-sized milk jug at the back of the fridge. Though miraculously not leaking a stench into the rest of the fridge, the plastic container lingered ominously every time you’d peer into the cold food box. Chunks of food and once-live goldfish would occasionally bob to the murky surface—green or bloated with death. I once asked Brian about the carton, and he simply replied, “That’s the guest milk”.

  1. Love Jessica’s poetry.

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