FIVE POEMS – Chris Butler

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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This poem is killing me.


By the twenty-sixth incorrect guess,

I’ve tallied up my

head, torso, arms, legs, fingers, toes

and gallows,

but since my vowels were disemboweled,


I’m dead.



Hope is a Hot Air Balloon Flying by the Power Lines

Hope is a hot air balloon flying by the power lines,


so don’t fly too high

or you’ll fry,

zap, crackle, pop!


But if you go too low

you might knock off

the hanging kitty

dangling by one

paw’s single claw

on the high wire

without a net.


It would be

a pity for it

to let go.



Red Rose

I gave her

the final rose

on the bush


but she let

each petal

wilt away…


…she loves me,

she loves me not,

she loves me,

she loves me not…


Before the first

frost of winter,

the beheaded stem

regenerated one

more flower…


…she loves me,

she loves me not.



This Poem is a Metaphor (Because She Never Smiles for Similes)

This poem is a metaphor

for more than this world’s

vocabulary of words,


or the girl that pours

out of my fountain pen

into caricature letters

of her curvature figure

of speech, standing

as a silent silhouette

before the peephole

of the soul,


but my mind’s eye is blind

when viewing my sentence

in the imprisonment

of punctuations,


as we are locked in a trance

of transference through

the broken window of

a glass home.

This poem is a metaphor

because she never smiles for similes.



Vampires Suck

I don’t care

if she makes me

cum or bleed,

as long as she

sucks all of

the life out

of me.

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