TWO POEMS – Ross Vassilev

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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I jump in terror
from the nightmare flies
and the worms in my heart
the stars may glow faintly
but I’m still fighting
the demons in my head
maybe the moon will show
her bald pussy
to all the world tonight
maybe the Gods will rise
in the candy-colored dawn
I’ll settle for
what’s the frequency, Kenneth?
and a warm breeze
and hope the razors
will lay themselves down

indefinite detention

the government
can arrest
any American citizen
and lock them up
for life
without trial
and if you think
they’ve never done it
it’s cuz the media
won’t tell
and maybe
the best thing to do
is lock yrself in the basement
with an AK-47
and a gas mask
and wait for it
but who wants to live like that?
it’s better
to walk down the street
with the yellow leaves falling
through the sun and wind
and hope those sirens
in the distance
ain’t coming for you.

  1. Chris Butler says:

    The artist formerly known as Vassilev strikes again!

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