TWO FLASHES – Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Fiction, Flash
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Make yourself invisible and you could go around like a cool breeze. You could go around like the invisible man driving a car that would seem like if it had no driver. Make yourself as small as an atom, small like a grain of sand and walk a mile for three days. Make yourself so small no one could see you dance on the head of a pin. Make yourself a ghost in a bed sheet bumping into tables and walls because you forgot to make holes where your eyes are. Make yourself a black ant eating sugar cookie crumbs like if it was your last meal. Make yourself anything you want if you want to if it pleases you to be anything.



It is difficult to pretend you don’t care for someone. You look them in the eye and glance quickly away. You say hello to be polite. You say you are fine when they ask you how you feel. You don’t make small talk. You know it does not matter anyway. You cannot fall in love with someone who just wants to be your friend or worse just an acquaintance. It is better to make yourself scarce. It is difficult to hide a broken heart when you wear it on your sleeve.

  1. Chris Butler says:

    On “Difficult to Pretend”, you absolutely nailed it Luis

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