TWO POEMS – Michael Ashley

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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Pushing Warm Mushy Peas Around My Plate



my goldfish swam

on its back for 3 days

before finally snuffing it

euthanasia just seemed

inappropriate for animal

that lives in a bowl

with a 10 second memory



he recalled stories

from a different era

where men fought

for their beliefs,

the child on his knee

enthralled by the tales

of war and adventure,

soothed by the scent

of tobacco & spearmint,

closed his eyes slowly



they laughed at first

“of course you know”

but it was failing

little by little – degrading,

she read an article

five signs of dementia,

the fog lifted around

midday, and it rained

all through the afternoon

and into the night



when the highlight

of my week is a hot

cooked meal at Morrisons,

God you have my permission

to pull the curtain down

end this morbid show

and I’ll count myself lucky


these are our idols
American dolls
legs-spread wide
in a grainy sex-tape
kick starting a career
what of little Keera
sat on a toilet
her eyes run
blood seeping down
a painted face
what of her perfume line
or modelling job
or autobiography?
6000km away
the doll stumbles out
of a fine dining eatery
into the streets
of Manhatten
as Keera’s blood dries
on the lip of a toilet
neither of them
any the wiser

  1. mskatykins says:

    These are brilliant. I loved the first stanza about the goldfish. That second poem is bang on. Harsh realities that you haven’t candy coated. Excellent work, Michael

  2. My like was entirely directed at Globalisation. Not that the other poems weren’t grand, that one just took the cake.

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