THREE POEMS – Valentina Cano

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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In Hell, with You

I’m sitting,

rewinding and fast-forwarding frowns

and slowly clenching eyelids.

My heart tattoos my chest

until only bruises clothe it.

But there is nothing I can do

from this side of the screen,

no carpet I can brush down

so the folds don’t trip you anymore.

I am as caged as you,

roaring at my own head.

-Valentina Cano



My thoughts weave a net around me.

One full of spaces and air pockets,

all feigning safety.

Things I’d like to forget

shake hands like new fiends.

Join teams.

Color code.

And I sit here,

hands holding up a head turning to stone,

wanting to jump off, leap way,

and instead, caught.

Over and over.

Limbs tangled in words.

-Valentina Cano



Repetition is a face,

a movement like a sparrow’s shoulder blade

shifting in flight,

the color of your hair (screaming sunset).

But I know that it is pointless,

checking off one twitch,

one syllable raised like an exclamation point

over your head.

No matter how many times I rip

your words apart, I will never find

the sounds I want.

I’ll just keep ripping and ripping.

Endless loops of nothing.

-Valentina Cano

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