ONE FLASH – Melanie Browne

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Fiction, Flash
Tags: , , , ,

I could probably save Axl Rose. I could make him whole again. I could teach him mindfulness techniques like the one I learned the other day where you visualize all of your problems as a leaf, and then the leaf floats along a fast-moving creek until it disappears out of your mind. I would make him sit with me and rub my feet, both of us wearing sweatpants, and I would say Axl, Visualize your Guns N’ Roses bandmates on this leaf, see? The leaf is disappearing down the waterfall into never-ending space. We could stand on opposite ends of the room and speak to each other in telepathic wavelengths. The voices in his head? They would still be there. I am not a miracle worker. But we could shape the voices, give them personalities, something more akin to James Cagney or Bette Davis, Peter Sellers or Monty Clift. Our relationship would be platonic, I mean he’s nuts after all. I could probably save Axl Rose, and in return he would sing November Rain for me over and over so I could finally work out all the psychic rage that I never resolved in my twenties. I have a shitty Yamaha Keyboard, but he would make it work, and I would throw roses at his feet, long stemmed, with thorns.

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