ONE POEM – Marty Beaudet

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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little boy
(a poem by Marty Beaudet, age 13)

little boy
run and play
goes to school
gets an A

teacher’s pet
does not fight
grandma says
he’s so bright

all is fine
’til one day
boys play football
he can’t play

in the shower
stand and stare
all the boys
are naked there

there is one thing
—not a toy—
that he loves
it’s a boy

a feeling that
he can’t defend
that boy is
his only friend

kids at school
they are cruel
hate his kind
that’s the rule

might you love
a boy like this?
it’s too late
he’s cut his wrists

  1. Judith Beaudet Reed says:

    I remember when this poem was written. It’s still powerful and poignant all these many years later.

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