TWO POEMS – G A Anderson

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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The Secret Ministries of Dawn

In the rising secret ministries of dawn

the one the spurned lover knows


he rubs her large sagging breasts beneath

the sheets, I’ve got a headache, she whispers


the morning is coming on in swimming

dapples of yellow and red, the colour


of hot blood, of excuses, fusing as one.

Now he turns and imagines he is taking


her as she once was- youthful, exuberant

boing boing boing. The swollen gyrations


of his consciousness pumping deep into

her bucking thighs boing boing boing.


High above the escarpment a sole

white cloud scrolls across the sky


Danger Falling Man

Etherized upon the table

like a China doll

text tongue-tied/

flashes of a falling brunette.


Imagine these lines scrawled

in incredibly small handwriting

only decipherable thru a microscope:


in his youth he believed in palindromes

& post-it notes to the universe-

if you’re pushy, he’ll show you his catheter.


He wakes up hung-over

a borrowed flower made fearful

like when he first ate spinach

& found a dandelion to wish upon.

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