ONE POEM – Ross Vassilev

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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green horse

out walking the night

cuz I can’t sleep

cuz the demons won’t let me be

my shoes burning holes into

the screaming sidewalk

the stars are dumb and faceless

cats slink in the shadows

and it’s good to be alone

out here in the cold

better than wrestling with the demons

though I tried imagining

red roses sprouting from the walls;

this town is big enough now

to have its own homeless

the last of the drunks stagger home

I remember one time

when I was on this same street

on a winter afternoon

and the sun was gently

burning through the clouds

like a smoldering cigarette

I saw a dead blackbird

with its black eye staring up at me

as if to say

here’s where the body ends;

yes, I was always the freak

the weirdo

riding the green horse

on the carousel of eternity;

Time is a fat drunk witch

with the face of Buddha

and the hands of the dreaming clock

keep ticking in my brain.

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