TWO POEMS – Linda M. Crate

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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a bitter mistress
time is a fickle thing
sometimes thrusting out her neck stubbornly
taking too long to utter her words
other times she ticks by too quickly
there’s never a happy medium
for she is a cruel queen as is fate
they conspire together against the mortals
with their lover death and his black horse
some day one of them will slay
the other or perhaps they’ll all be slain by one
another as long as I can drink in air
without the fear of those three phantoms intruding.
like dreamer’s do
dream me a dream worth dreaming
forget me the indifference of the world
hanging pale grey mannequins on the walls –
stain me the scarlet of a sunset sky and
paint splashes of autumn’s golden tears
along with the pastel blue of spring’s skirt;
let us forget the disease of reality
instead embracing the fantasy worlds of
which we’ve always loved, let us melt away
the darkness of the world with words
that create instead of those that destroy –
let us drink the champagne of the sun.
– linda m. crate
  1. I especially liked ‘like dreamers do’ – the colours were tasty

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