TWO POEMS – Paul Tristram

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Fiction, Poetry
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“There’s Nothing Like A Nice Piece Of Hickory!”


“I’m off to the gas station for some cigarettes,

can I get you anything?”


“Yeah, get me three 6 packs

and two tyre knockers!”


“Jesus Christ, what’s wrong now

and why do you need two of them?”


“I’ve got two hands haven’t I?”


“Shall I call and book your jail cell while I’m at it?”


“You’re funny!”


“Well, one of us has to be, for fuck sake!”

© Paul Tristram 2012



When The World Fucks You Off, Fuck It Off Back


Sometimes you need to get away

find a quiet place externally and internally.

Let the buzzing of the modern age

slowly fade from consciousness.

A little safe place somewhere

some self indulging solitude.

A time of re-charging batteries

of drifting and floating.

A break from the games and competitions.

No other goal right now

than chilling right out.

It will all still be there waiting

the madness and bullshit

just relax for awhile and turn out the light.

© Paul Tristram 2012

  1. especially the last one, a nice long (edgy) build-up and then the kicker just when you thought it was going to be alright after all

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