ONE POEM – Ross Vassilev

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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idle hands

by Ross Vassilev

I hear

the seconds


from my watch

on the nightstand

as I lie in bed


nothing at all.

doing nothing

is what I do best.

high school cheerleaders

are good

at sucking cock

and I’m good

at doing nothing.


I talk

to the faces on the walls.

or I sit

by the window

and stare

at the parking lot.

sometimes I go

for a walk

and give the finger

to complete strangers.

so if you see


wandering the streets

lost and lonely

like some fucking zombie

be a good soul

and offer me

a goddam ride away from here.

  1. I like the damn tone of your fucking poem Ross…:) good read…thanks

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