TWO POEMS – Paul Tristram

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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Get Out Of My Tarot Readings, Bitch!

Jesus Christ, I thought dumping

your ass would be enough.

But Oh No, you’re still everywhere.

Stalking my karma,

Guilting my mornings,

Ghosting my nights

and generally kurbashing

my sanity and peace of mind.

I think I am going to need a priest,

if not to exorcise you

then so I can punch him

to relieve some of this fucking stress!

I haven’t a clue what I’m doing anymore?

I paid £20 last night for a clairvoyant

to sit opposite me with smug smile

on her magical and mysterious face and say


“She’s not gone yet, you know!”


“That’s it, I’m emigrating,

Going Back to Prison,

Changing my fucking name,

It’s time that I put my foot down

with a firm hand!”


I yelled, walking home

with your shadow mocking me

from behind.


© Paul Tristram 2013



Vegas One Time

She lucks the lights

and pulls onto Flamingo

as I finger the Black Derby

upside down in my lap.

I have bought 13 hats in 14 days,

this is my new favourite.

She deals with the concierge, again

while I turn away

and let the first few lines of a new poem

lap dance me softly.

Up to the 9th floor then

where she runs the tub for us

as I undress by the window

watching a small aeroplane

fly low over the early evening

of Las Vegas.

I notice the sand from the Mojave Desert

upon her feet

as I slide around her into the water.

Hitting the jets, I sit back with a sigh

as the hot water pumps around me,

going in and out of my tattooed fingers

and through my porcelain white toes.

She presses play upon the ipod

and the ‘Stereophonics’

‘The Bartender And The Thief’

comes on nice and loudly.

With a freshly opened bottle of claret

she steps in besides me with a smile.

“We did it baby, we did it!” she sighs

holding her hand next to mine,

letting our wedding rings

dance together

like little beautiful, sparkling miracles.


© Paul Tristram 2012

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