TWO POEMS – Tom Hatch

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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As rich as a well-endowed whore’s labia

A lacey moth rescued from mirrored water’s


Edge breathing a spell under water Line

heavy lace gorged full her hood pounds


Drying out on a rock in a shadow so heating sun

Will not burn for a return to our moon lit nights


Bright and clear in my dreams of pleasure again

My dear playing with the dust from your wings


That I placed on a drying stone


Stitching a waning and waxing gibbous moons into a heart

Concealed the counting of twenty nights your dust was mine


John Milton:

“And hug him into snares. When once her eye

hath met the virtue of this magic dust”




It was a liquid desire in moan of flesh

The past and future seemed to fence corralled

Our passion as we play

our clothes made Love next to us

watching this delighted us

Into competition to out do their lust

My belt tongued your panties

The buckle harnessed the the clasp of

Bra we laughed at this sight as unbuttoned

Shirt buttoned to your blouse breathing hard

As panting legs tied knots to worn

Knees we are doing this not the clothes?

As our flesh lay bare our garments have

Fallen in love our mistake it was not us


Crystal clear liquid turned to bitter tea

Holding our barrenness no moans

Our clothes betrayed us

It was our mistake it was not us

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