ONE POEM – Tom Hatch

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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Adam’s Hard On

This is pretty straight forward

Adam’s first hard on

Huge like pharaohs obelisk uncircumcised

Pharaohs obelisk maybe smaller

adding passion to his size

It may not have been his first that was the largest

Maybe third, fourth or fifth as the clause is between

Boys and girls screaming thunder

Eve with her legs spread the hairy lust streaming lightening

God could have given her a

Brazilian job it’s his secret and his world

He created it

The orgasms of their very first must

Have been of magnitude shaking the

Trees of life knocking the serpent from his nest

With abundant fruit and nuts

Eve could have been as ugly as sin

But she was the most beautiful

There was no comparison or parallel

Satan took his hatred to God anew

God raised the notch creating Eve

Devil boy lusted after Eve it tore at his little

Soul whatever was left he whimpered shouting

Then Adams fleshy machine made

Of dust and clay the devil’s jealousy burned

A stanchion of play that was not his

I saw the graffiti on the subway wall “the devil has a small penis”

And “Dave sucks dick” which has nothing to do

With Adam’s hard on until thousands of years later


The envy of the snake camouflaged him in the green grass

Slithering to get a closer look found him in puddles of semen

Now ironically not knowing in his very moistness

From the pools he was a

Penis as he sprang into a knot hole


Eve’s beauty was unmatchable once more

With breast of apples love

Penis pointed to her sharp nipples

Adam’s hard on

large throwing the fig leaf to its own fate

Sipping wine of grapes pleased

As Eve slipped him in again for size

God is great! Great god, That is us

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