TWO POEMS – Michael Ashley

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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they all asked her

they all asked her

what she was doing

Aunt Mary asked her

after the first time

he didn’t come home

she’d sat up all night

watching re-runs

of Dallas & 10 minute

infomercials, waiting

for the phone to ring

or a knock at the door

and the sad eyes

of a police constable

but when neither came

she took herself to bed

and awoke the warmth

of a spooning mass

they all asked her

what she was doing

her friend Dora

(short for Pandora)

asked her straight

“what the fuck yer

doing with a low-life

like Brian Gamble?”

and in a silent minute

of contemplation

she conjured a belter

of an answer…

“Dora he fucks

like gazelle on phet,

doesn’t snore

or complain

about my cooking,

he’s pretty much

(aside from the tattoos)




pushing cold mushy peas around my plate



my goldfish swam

on its back for 3 days

before finally snuffing it

euthanasia just seemed

inappropriate for animal

that lives in a bowl

with a 10 second memory



he recalled stories

from a different era

where men fought

for their beliefs,

the child on his knee

enthralled by the tales

of war and adventure,

soothed by the scent

of tobacco & spearmint,

closed his eyes slowly



they laughed at first

“of course you know”

but it was failing

little by little – degrading,

she read an article

five signs of dementia,

the fog lifted around

midday, and it rained

all through the afternoon

and into the night



when the highlight

of my week is a hot

cooked meal at Morrisons,

God you have my permission

to pull the curtain down

end this morbid show

and I’ll count myself lucky

  1. hatchtom50 says:

    Nice work Michael iwas telling Devlin how much I like it? My posts were just before yours keep writing cleans the soul. Best Tom

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