Posted: March 9, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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Doors Around this House

The temper the rage from anytime

Mostly at night the doors take

A beating slammed, slammed and slamered

They are bashed in with naked words

Four lettered carved in the cracked rails

The stiles stiff in brace knobs opening themselves to flee

The jambs have become weaken crippled legs

The stops have been shot across the room

Now waiting on a closet shelf in the

Utility room to be nailed back

On the door of passionate anger

The front door, porch door, hall door,

Bedroom, bathroom door where I

Pissed and left toilet seat up

The door casing is the muscle

Holding the jamb to the wall

The walls want to sleep but

Anger persists as a thrown chair dents

It’s silence with its back rest tired

The dogs come into play

Scratching the paint to bare wood

Watch dogs oracles of authority for calm

The finish nails have vanished to make

Further repairs skid into God damn, God damn,

Door slam

God damn you

The door opens in the morning

Apologizing I Love You



As Heard from a Psych Grad

By Sandy de Groot and Tom Hatch

Speaking as a Psych grad,

bear in mind there are other

opportunities apart from counseling,

which requires a certain personality type.

I found out from an internship

that counseling is very draining

and tends to be poorly paid.

However there must be research bucks

out there for scientific inquiry

in to what makes us tick,

the roots of addiction,

how we learn, the effects of

tv/internet on cognitive development,

perception, creativity.

Lots of breadth to the field.

But I have paid dearly

Living and lying on that

Couch with nothing to show

But a lost bank account

And soul



Hobbies II

More hobbies like

Wigging out when putting

your shoe on there’s something

In it the hobby it is the shoe lace

The hobby of sliding it out tickles you

The doctor tells you drop your drawers

Roll on your left side the hobby

Of foreplay a snapped rubber glove

And k-y jelly “this will be uncomfortable”

As the hobby of his finger rubs your gland

A bigger hobby is wishing he was his tall blond assistant

Listening outside the door

As long as I’m here maybe she could

Give a more thorough exam after a cocktail or two

The hobby of realizing cocktail

Begins with cock and ends with tail

The hobby of remembering in

College after brushing your teeth

You killed a cockroach between

The paste and the bristles

All over the inside of your mouth

The hobby of recycling condoms

By washing them out

Yes once again at the library

Finding the pretty girl

Always near the stack of Victor Hugo reading

“A shadow soothes me like

A lovers hand”

Then the hobby of thinking

She is reading this to you

And the cover illustration is a

Drawing by Augusta Rodin your fav

After staring at her beautiful face

The hobby of her caught held

Glance longer than passing

The hobby you are twice her age

Another big hobby is the awareness

You are still alive the follow through hobby of

Keeping it that way

Another stop thinking about death

  1. Very inspiring to hear your words, and the power and truth behind them….I am stil seeking the truth myself… even though I see it before me clearly as night and day…you have to listen to it to find it…then you have to heed what its saying to you as well…cheers

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